Auspicious Rat Collection 2020 - Pearl Photo Frame (5R)

RM49.00 MYR RM45.00 MYR

瑞鼠运财, Lucky Rat bringing home the Wealth.

An optimistic, quick thinker and diligent animal, the Rat is admired in many cultures as a symbol of success and fortune.  Give your clients an unforgettable gift experience through ARCH this coming festive new year.  The finest collection by ARCH, The Golden Rat Year 2020 Collection is designed and handcrafted with the following elements in mind: tradition, beauty, originality.

Symbolic feng shui of gold ingots and peony elements inspire this masterpiece, beautifully sculpted with fine intricacy. Wood pieces are layered with shining gold, brilliantly finished off with dazzling Swarovski elements. This Limited Edition Collection is the perfect elegant gift to show your appreciation and bring about wealth and success to your clients.

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