2-D Art Pieces - Rainforest

RM850.00 MYR

Rainforests are the Earth's oldest living ecosystems and are so amazing and beautiful. More than half of the world's species of plants and animals are found here. A Rainforest can be described as a tall, dense jungle. The reason it is called a "rain" forest is because of the high amount of rainfall it gets per year. The climate of a rainforest is very hot and humid so the animals and plants that exist there must learn to adapt to this climate. There are two types of rainforest, tropical rainforest and temperate rainforest. Sadly, due to heavy logging and agricultural clearance, the area covered by rainforests around the world is shrinking and it is estimated that nearly half of the world's species of plants, animals and microorganisms will be destroyed or severely threatened over the next quarter century. By purchasing renewable and sustainable rainforest products, we all can be part of the solution, and the rainforests of the world and their people can be saved.

Product code: FLO 0023-B4
Measurement: 58.0 X 38.0cm
Weight: 2.9 kg (Approx)
Material: Wood Veneer

Highlights :

  • The art pieces are all hand assembled with the finest wood veneer.
  • Include product write up
  • Made in Malaysia

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