Diaries & Notebooks - Tribute to Kuala Lumpur

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The national flower, hibiscus or locally known as Bunga Raya, was first introduced to Malaysia from its original home in China, Japan and the Pacific islands probably before the 12th century, the hibiscus has been known to have many uses, mostly medicinal. It is found in abundance throughout the country, and has many varieties and colours. Petronas Twin Towers, the world’s tallest twin towers, stand at a height of 452 metres and is of 88 storeys. The Twin Towers are linked by a 58 metres skybridge at the 41st-42nd level and its arch support forms a symbolic gateway to the city centre of KL. Sultan Abdul Samad Building, officially opened in April 1897 by Sir Frank Swettenham and served as a Government Administrative Building. The Moorish design building now houses the Supreme and the High Court. The clock tower is affectionately known as the “Big Ben” of  Malaysia. KL Tower, was completed in 1996 and is the world’s fourth tallest tower at 421 metres above the ground. The landmark’s structure and design are intricately constructed to a great telecommunications and broadcasting tower.

Product code: NBC 0061-MA1
Measurement: A5 : 14.8 x 21.0cm
Weight: 300gm (Approx)
Material: Wood Veneer
Pages: 55

Highlights :

  • The art pieces are all hand assembled with the finest wood veneer.
  • Made in Malaysia

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