Build Your Own!

If you love to create, you will absolutely enjoy ARCH’s Build Your Own!, The Founder’s personal favourite selection of iconic landmarks. A unique self-assembly kit to challenge yourself or experience with family and friends! Show off your skills and be the proud owner of a highly detailed finished landmark that will fit into the palm of your hand! 

DIY Kid children school project self devolopment

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  • Grows your child interests in education as well encourages imaginative skills
  • Enhance creativity and brain development of kids
  • A Fun Educational Experience
  • Initiative in bringing architecture, culture into our lives
  • Meaningful Bonding Time
  • Teaches the benefitof Commitment and Hard Work
  • Activity for School Children (guided workshop)
  • Adults / Individual / Families
  • Perfect for Collectors / Hobbyist / Architects / Teachers / Educators
  • Decorative, Collector’s item,

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Reason to buy it?

  • The Founder’s Collection
  • One Paper One Building
  • Discover and learn! World Famous Landmarks
  • ARCH – Since 1989, more than 30 years experience
  • ARCH Specialist & Creative Team, one of the top modellers in Asia
  • Limited Edition collection
  • Created, Designed, Printed by ARCH in Kuala Lumpur
  • Finest details and precision cutting
  • 100% safe material
  • Full print colour, Non-toxic-ink
  • Certification safety in education
  • With step by step guidance

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That not it! We are also able to customize it for you! 

Famous architecture such as Big Ben of London, Burj Khalifa of Dubai, or Taj Mahal of India, any DIY for educational purpose at school's art project, or fun family bonding activities during the event, we can make all your imagination into a real thing!

Contact us for more details!


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