Build Your Own! Old Shophouses, Chinatown Miniature Kit

RM39.00 MYR


Did You Know?
  • A mixture of Dutch & Roman-style architecture!
  • The century-old shop ‘Tai Kwong’ was here! The oldest & longest running a hardware store in the city!
  • Located on the road once known as ‘Tapioca Factory Road’!

- - -

If you love to create, you will absolutely enjoy ARCH’s Build Your Own!, The Founder’s personal favourite selection of iconic landmarks. A unique self-assembly kit to challenge yourself or experience with family and friends! Show off your skills and be the proud owner of a highly detailed finished model that will fit into the palm of your hand! 

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  • Grows your child interests in education as well encourages imaginative skills
  • Enhance creativity and brain development of kids
  • A Fun Educational Experience
  • Initiative in bringing architecture, culture into our lives
  • Meaningful Bonding Time
  • Teaches the benefit of Commitment and Hard Work
  • Activity for School Children (guided workshop)
  • Adults / Individual / Families
  • Perfect for Collectors / Hobbyists / Architects / Teachers / Educators
  • Decorative, Collector’s item,

- - -

Created by ARCH, #1 Architectural Modeller in Asia!

  • The Founder’s Collection!
  • ARCH - Since 1989, more than 30 years of experience!
  • Limited Edition Collection
  • Finest details and precision cutting using state-of-the-art technology

  • 100% safe material!

  • Full print colour, Non-toxic-ink

  • Certification safety in education

  • Included clear pictorial instructions

CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN! We create your building!

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