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Female singers of the yesteryears were legends in their own way. Known for their charm and beauty, their golden voices would melt any heart. Behind all the glamour, life was a challenge for many of them, some even leading to tragic endings. 

Inspired by these starlets, ARCH pays tribute to the ‘Seven Great Singing Stars’ collection. The legend adorns an elegant silver Shanghai-style cheongsam with pink floral print, a form-fitting garment she prized and frequently appeared in her heyday. Artistically transformed into a lucky charm and sculpted with fine details and intricacy. A glittering finish of 8 ‘Light Rose’ Swarovski elements is embedded on her attire, affixed onto luxurious top grain leather strap. A stylish Limited Edition piece that brings back nostalgic memories from the past.


Product Highlight

• Latest and newly launched 2019 lifestyle fashion collection by ARCH
• All Made in Malaysia by ARCH.
• Each is a Limited Edition, an original and handmade.
• Embedded with 8 pc Swarovski elements for a touch of luxury
• Durable and tarnish resistant
• Leather strap
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