2-D Art Pieces - Hibiscus

RM750.00 MYR

The red Hibiscus is the national flower of Malaysia and is commonly seen in offerings and as decorations in Bali. Though Hibiscus flowers last only one day, most varieties bloom so profusely that there are nearly always several open at any time. Some varieties also have attractive variegated foliage, green and white tinged with pink, which makes them useful in massed bed planting. Both leaves and flowers are edible and sometimes used in traditional medicine.

Product code: FLO 0023-A10
Measurement: 49.5 X 51.5cm
Weight: 3.4kg (Approx)
Material: Wood Veneer

Highlights :

  • The art pieces are all hand assembled with the finest wood veneer.
  • Include product write up
  • Made in Malaysia

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