Wood Veneer Bookmarks - Musang King

RM15.00 MYR

Musang King is one of the most sought after, expensive and desired of all the durian varieties in the world-and they are widely available in Malaysia! The flesh of the Musang King is deep yellow and wrinkled, while its seeds are flat and tiny. True durian lovers love the creamy and sticky flesh that costs the mouth with intense bittersweet goodness that lingers long. 
ARCH creates a series of cute durian masterpieces, inspired by Malaysia's King of Fruit, beautifully sculpting each piece with meticulous details and fine intricacy. Selected parts are carefully layered with shining gold, then handcrafted to perfection. 

Product code: BOO 0009-MA22
Measurement : 3.8 cm x 13.8 cm
Weight : 10 gm (Approx)
Material : Wood Veneer

Highlights :

  • The art pieces are all hand assembled with the finest wood veneer.
  • Include product write up
  • Made in Malaysia
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