Corporate & Personalised Gifts

ARCH Corporate Gifts allow you to look into every single detail of customization to ensure that it meets your specific requirements and creates an everlasting impression for your event or occasion. We have been commissioned to create unique mementos which have been presented to corporate leaders globally. We make just the perfect gifts, with great attention to details.


Being a purely homegrown brand, ARCH’s range of designs, from small intricate items to one-of-a-kind customization, is truly inspiring. The finished product is an authentic masterpiece that combines tradition and fine workmanship.


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Contact Us : Andrew Lee +6 012-366 6298 

Lily +6 010-2642034

Azizul +6 012-908 9907

Iffan +6 011-14487564

Susan Lee +6 017-367 7990

Shirley Choong +6 012-332 6751


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